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At Glen Park Dental, Dr. Carlos M. Longa, Dr. Kimberlee Dickerson, and Dr. Brian Benyammi offer cosmetic and general dentistry. This family dental practice in San Francisco specializes in TMJ disorder treatment, dental implants, veneers, adult and infant tongue-tie treatment, and sleep apnea. Glen Park Dental has a 4.9-star rating on Google and is known for its modern office with innovative technology such as soft tissue lasers, CEREC one-day restorations, and digital X-rays.


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195 reviews
  • Mike Stolte
    Mike Stolte
    2 months ago

    I'm a newer patient at Glen Park Dental, and the service I've received to date is the best I've received ever. Drs. Longa and Dickerson show care, spend time, provide lots of information, and on top of that, they're so friendly and down-to-earth. Actually everyone I've met in the office is like that. The treatment I've received so far has been great, and the facility is clean, bright, stylish, and higher quality than any other I've visited. I could go on, but you get the point. So glad I found Glen Park Dental.

  • Vicky Bartolome Jacobs

    Brought my 3 week old newborn in for a tongue and lip tie consult and everything went smoothly and so quickly! Dr. Dickerson is the best and she is great with babies :) she completed the release in less than 2 mins. Thank you so much!

  • Anna Rene
    Anna Rene
    a month ago

    Entire team from front desk onward is fabulous! Dr. Dickerson is so knowledgeable and her bedside manner is 10/10! She came in multiple weekends to help with an emergency tooth situation my fiancé had. She fixed up a missing tooth so well the teeth honestly look infinitely better than they did before. We’re so happy with her services. She did a tongue tie revision surgery on me that helped me so much with migraines and was so diligent about checking on me after and texting follow ups etc. amazing healthcare really, which is not easy to find! Jeanne Shimizu is an orofacial myologist that works with the office and she is a true gem! Working with her for 8 months completely changed my tongue posture, gave my face more definition, helped my breathing, and most importantly alleviated tons of headaches and migraines I was having. She is so attentive, knowledgeable and invested in her patients well-being. I’m so happy I went to her for a second opinion on a tongue tie screen. Another practitioner I was working with for a long time missed the diagnosis and my gut told me to check again. Jeanne diagnosed me right away, assisted my surgery, and was great with all my aftercare appointments. Totally a huge step function of positive change in my health! Would definitely recommend a check if you’re a migraine sufferer (or for anyone really)!

  • robert hsi
    robert hsi
    9 months ago

    It has always been a pleasant experience through many years by visiting Glen Park Dental in general and Dr. Carlos Longa in particular. I would recommend it 100% to anyone who is looking for excellent dental care, or likes to try a new experience.

  • Arianna Campos
    Arianna Campos
    6 months ago

    Amazing experience all around. We were recommended by our chiropractor for a possible tongue tie for our son. We scheduled an assessment with Dr. Dickerson to confirm whether or not our son in fact had a tie. After assessing our son, we decided to go through with the procedure. Dr. Dickerson made my husband and I feel completely comfortable before the procedure and let us know exactly what it entailed. So happy with our experience. Now time for our son to recover.

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