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Itani Dental in San Francisco specializes in working with patients who have difficulty finding care elsewhere, including those who are geriatric, developmentally disabled, homebound, hospitalized, or phobic. Dr. Samer A. Itani, Dr. Christina Woo, and Dr. Travis Smith provide general and restorative dentistry, such as Invisalign, veneers, dental implants, sedation dentistry, and emergency dental services. Itani Dental has a perfect 5 stars on Google and offers conveniences like house calls.


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  • J P
    J P
    a month ago

    DR. Smith and asst. were on time and came on an emergency basis. I had a Pain free tooth extraction and cleaning. Thank you to your team. I never thought you could have A DDS at your bed side:)

  • Nancy Wilson
    Nancy Wilson
    a month ago

    My brother is a severally intellectually developmentally disabled adult and will not allow a Dentist to get near him. He was overdue for dental work and luckily, we found Dr. Itani, who works with special needs patients. All of the pre-op planning for the Dental appointment was handled by his staff. They were so helpful and patient and answered all my questions and concerns. They arranged for Dr. Itani to meet with my brother at the hospital for cleaning, x-rays and any treatment that my brother needed. He would receive anesthesia, and Dr. Itani would assess the situation and do the necessary dental work. Dr. Itani explained everything every step of the way and I truly believe that he is the best Dentist for all special needs persons. I cannot say enough good things about Dr. Itani and his staff.

  • Myriam Heffernan
    Myriam Heffernan
    a month ago

    Dr. ITANI is humble , honest and simply the best ! He knew I was sensitive and when giving me the anesthesia he was so gentle that I didn’t feel the needle at all . He is very aware of the patients needs while working on your mouth . The staff is awesomely friendly! Talia is very attentive to your needs and Gregg as well ! I feel lucky to have been recommended to their office .

  • Wendy Lee
    Wendy Lee
    in the last week

    Itani Dental provided timely, compassionate and quality care for my mom, a 96-year with dementia residing in a Memory Care Facility. Itani Dental was a blessing, with experience and expertise working with the elderly with dementia. Thankful for them!

  • Joyce Kennedy
    Joyce Kennedy
    a week ago

    I hope the Itani dentists are reading this, as it is very funny. Upon placing the teeth in my husbands mouth, and the dentists leaving the building, he was showing everyone his new choppers and started to sing all the songs he knew, word for word! he was so happy, his care givers gave me a call right away to let me know what was going on with Larry. Thank You Itani staff and Dentists.

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