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Dr. Victor D. Woodlief and Dr. Michelle Khouri offer comprehensive and cosmetic dentistry with a philosophy focusing on patientsÕ overall health, not just their teeth. Their services at Advanced Dentistry by Design include full mouth rehabilitation, orthodontics, teeth whitening, dental implants, and dentures. They also offer advanced treatments such as ozone therapy, sedation dentistry, and movement disorder treatment. These San Jose dentists have decades of combined experience and enjoy a 5-star rating on Google.


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  • Eileen Buantello
    Eileen Buantello
    a week ago

    I was with my previous dentist for 35 yrs before he sold his practice. I was truly terrified about finding a new one. I went to where my dentist sold his practice to and it was horrible! Then a friend/ coworker referred me here it the feeling of my old dentist again. I'm so grateful to have found them. We are a loyal dentist family and and now have 3 generations there along with cousins and other family. Thank you so much for being as great as you are!

  • jay
    a month ago

    I had a fantastic experience here in the last few years going to the dentist at this location. The teeth cleaning was thorough, and I'm thrilled with the gold tooth they provided. The staff was friendly and professional, making the visit very pleasant. I highly recommend their services!

  • Tanuka B
    Tanuka B
    5 months ago

    My husband and I both visit Advanced Dentistry and we are both very happy with their service and detail oriented work. The doctor is awesome, she takes time to explain every thing in detail and leaves you to make your decisions without any pressure. I recently visited and was having some anxiety and she walked me through everything before and during the procedure. I would really recommend this place.

  • Lemon
    a month ago

    I recently sought help from Dr. Woodlief to address a troublesome TMJ issue, and I must say that my experience with him was nothing short of exceptional. Dr. Woodlief was the second doctor I consulted on this matter, and I'm immensely grateful that I did. Dr. Woodlief's knowledge about TMJ issues was immediately evident. He took the time to explain my condition thoroughly, breaking down the complexities into terms I could easily understand. His patient and informative approach was a stark contrast to my prior consultation, where I had left with more questions than answers. What truly stood out was Dr. Woodlief's treatment plan. Not only was it more comprehensible, but it also proved to be significantly less of a hassle compared to the first doctor I had seen. Dr. Woodlief recommended the use of a POD oral device during sleep, a simple yet highly effective solution. This device not only minimized the changes in my bite but also worked wonders in addressing my TMJ issue. To further enhance the effectiveness of the POD appliance, Dr. Woodlief applied laser therapy. This holistic approach showcased Dr. Woodlief's commitment to providing a well-rounded solution tailored to my needs. In summary, Dr. Woodlief's expertise, patience, and thoughtful treatment plan has had a profoundly positive impact on my TMJ issue. The integration of the POD appliance and laser therapy has proven to be remarkably effective in improving my condition. Dr. Woodlief is, without a doubt, a true TMJ specialist, and I would highly recommend him to anyone seeking a solution to their TMJ concerns.

  • Max Anzilotti
    Max Anzilotti
    a month ago

    great experience. palate expansion as an adult is challenging -- not a lot of good information out there, hard to find an appliance that works. after trying ALF at a different practice, without success, the SFOT was a godsend. sleep, nasal breathing, and overall quality of life have improved immensely since the procedure. and dr. woodlief is great -- knows his stuff, communicative, generous with his time.

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