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With 25 years of experience caring for patientsÕ teeth in the San Jose area, Dr. Grant F. Shimizu has received an average 5-star rating on Google. He practices general and cosmetic dentistry to maintain form and function in the mouth, offering treatments such as dental implants, oral surgery, smile makeovers, Invisalign, and periodontal therapy. Dr. ShimizuÕs practice is equipped with cutting-edge technology to offer patients advanced treatment.


Google Reviews

194 reviews
  • Duc Thanh
    Duc Thanh
    4 months ago

    As always, this is the best place for me to go for my teeth. Dr. Shimizu always give patients the best cares. Thank you Dr. Shimizu and your staffs.

  • My Tran
    My Tran
    9 months ago

    Think twice if you don't want to pay for the visit 2 years ago like me. I visited their office in 2020 and I always asked them to check my insurance cover before my visit in order to make sure I had enough benefit cover. They told me they did checked the insurane but I don't think they did at that time. Two year later they keep sending me bills and I just got their text message this afternoon in the year of 2022 asking me to pay NOW or they send it to the BAD COLLECTION AGENT. I'm terribly feel bad for the way they worked. I just read a review from another patient that she got her bill after over a year and I got my bill for the visit 2 years ago. I got to know that I'm NOT THE ONLY PATIENT got into this situation with this office. Bad review and I will never want to come back here for the second time

  • Annamaria Maga
    Annamaria Maga
    3 years ago

    Very friendly staff. I usually get nervous when I go to the dentist but they made me feel very comfortable. I was quite impressed with how up to date all their equipment is. The Doctor as well as the staff took good care of me and I didn’t have to wait very long to be seen. They took their time to examine my teeth and also explained in detail all the work that needed to be done. I would really recommend them.

  • Bassam A
    Bassam A
    6 months ago

    I came here three years ago for a tooth implant before Covid and it was done incorrectly where there were big spaces around the new implant . It started to become loose after just few months, and because of Covid I was not able to revisit the dental office until last year and the dentist fixed it and told me it won't become loose again and after a month the implant started to become loose again until it fell out completely, another thing to mention when my insurance checked their rates with other dentists in the city they found that this dental office is more expensive than average when they charged me again for fixing the same loose implant that I did originally here for Thousands of dollars . After checking with other dentists who do Implant procedures, I found out that they provide warranties in case it fails but not here this dentist doesn't believe in providing warranties for his work.; therefore I don't recommend doing an implant here based on my experience and consider looking elsewhere before making an appointment!

  • Veronica Alberto
    Veronica Alberto
    3 years ago

    The Best Dental office!! Dr. Shimizu and all the staff that work in this office are amazing. They are the best on what they do. Dr. Shimizu is the best Dr. a have seen. He does an outstanding job in every procedure that he performs. The office is super clean and They always treat you and make you feel like family. I’m so happy with all the dental Work that they have done to me. I Strongly recommend This office if you are looking for a new Dentist.

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