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At Japantown Dental in San Jose, Dr. Alex Mendoza’s philosophy focuses on prevention and early detection. He graduated from one of the top dental schools in the country, the University of the Pacific, and believes in improving patients’ overall health as well as their oral health. Japantown Dental offers general, cosmetic, and restorative dentistry, including veneers, implants, crowns, bridges, and oral surgery. The practice has a 5-star rating on Google.


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165 reviews
  • Angela Thao
    Angela Thao
    6 months ago

    Japantown Dental is top notch! They continue to make my experiences a positive one. The communication is strong at all levels and it makes my visits very enjoyable. They are extremely responsive and very knowledgeable. I have a lot of trust going in to this practice.

  • Diana Chang
    Diana Chang
    6 months ago

    I usually try to avoid casual conversation with people I am not familiar with whenever possible. (Uber driver, hair dresser, doctor, neighbor…etc) Mostly because these conversation are usually forgotten after we met, and these are nothing but just friendly behavior, not because we actually care about each other’s lives. I was very surprised when I visited Dr Mendoza for the second time after 3 months, he actually remembered details of our first conversation. I was so amazed that I asked him if he took notes of every conversation he had with his client. Anyhow, on top of always super friendly staff, they also take forever to clean each tooth, they were so detail oriented that sometime I felt like I could fall asleep. Super great service done by great people. Definitely five stars.

  • Fabian Castaneda
    Fabian Castaneda
    2 months ago

    Great and friendly dental office! I am highly satisfied with their level of care and willingness to meet our needs. As a result of my experience, my wife and two children have joined.

  • Richelle
    a week ago

    Kathy was super nice when she called to follow up on my appointment request and was even able to get my appointment moved up to a week earlier. The hygienist and dentist were also very quick and friendly and I would say I was in and out of there within 45 minutes.

  • Philip Cicchi
    Philip Cicchi
    5 months ago

    Dr. Mendoza has magic fingers or magic wrists or magic hand-eye coordination or perhaps all three. I can't help but wonder if he ever played baseball. I can imagine that he might have been a MLB starting pitcher with the physical attributes that his dentistry wizardry demonstrates. Major League starting pitchers sign multi-million dollar contracts and only have to work once every five days. But then my teeth wouldn't feel quite as good as they do either so perhaps it is just as well that he is a dentist. I consider myself very lucky from a dental perspective to have gone from Dr. Jerrold Hiura to Dr. Alex Mendoza. I can't say anything better than that. In addition the Japantown Dental Center Office is only a few hundred feet in a straight line from my front yard. On a good day in my youth I may have been able to throw a baseball on a fly from my front yard into the parking lot of the Japantown Dental Center or at least on one or two hops. Dr. Mendoza is top-notch I am lucky enough to report.

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