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At One Dental in San Jose, Dr. David Kim admits that he used to hate going to the dentist and is on a mission to make dental care more comfortable, affordable, and stress-free. One Dental uses the latest technology in an office with modern amenities. Dr. KimÕs services in family, restorative, and cosmetic dentistry include dental implants, Invisalign and ClearCorrect aligners, porcelain veneers, crowns, and bridges. The practice has a 5-star rating on Google.


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  • Rashmita Tripathy
    Rashmita Tripathy
    a week ago

    This was my first visit to the clinic. The clinic is extremely clean and close to my house. The dentist answered all my questions patiently and cleaned my teeth. His assistants too were very polite and had a pleasant disposition. Overall, my experience was very good and would definitely like to recommend.

  • Gunveer Natt
    Gunveer Natt
    3 weeks ago

    I recently had an experience at One Dental that compelled me to share my thoughts. While the quality of dental work provided is satisfactory, there are some areas that could benefit from improvement. The primary concern revolves around their scheduling system. It is disconcerting to learn that existing patients face an extended wait time of over 8 months for an appointment, while new patients can secure one within the week. This discrepancy raises questions about the allocation of resources and time management. Furthermore, I found their scheduling software to be somewhat lacking. A feature that would allow existing patients to be notified of any cancellations would be greatly appreciated and would undoubtedly enhance the patient experience. Regarding my own treatment, I had a somewhat unusual experience with fillings. Regrettably, I had to make two additional visits due to the introduction of a new sensitivity problem that I had not encountered previously. This aspect, unfortunately, detracted from an otherwise satisfactory dental visit. In conclusion, One Dental has potential, but there are notable areas for improvement. Addressing the scheduling disparities and enhancing the scheduling software would go a long way in providing a more seamless experience for patients. Additionally, a closer review of the sensitivity issue following fillings would be beneficial.

  • angelica soto
    angelica soto
    a month ago

    The office is so nice and makes you feel comfortable for those with dentist anxiety. Everyone is so nice here and they constantly check in with you during your cleaning or procedure to make sure you’re comfortable and aren’t feeling any pain. The staff and Dr. Kim also make sure to explain everything thoroughly before scheduling your next appointment(s), including cost. You also get an added bonus of a “swag bag” after a cleaning that includes a toothbrush, travel toothpaste and mouth wash, and a floss.

  • Jasmine Granados
    Jasmine Granados
    2 weeks ago

    I would recommend this dentist office. The office is all new & welcoming. The receptionist was extremely helpful & friendly. Dr. Lee was wonderful and my appointment was very quick without feeling like they were rushing.

  • Crystalin Briones
    Crystalin Briones
    a month ago

    Fast, clean, and chic. Nice office, friendly staff, to the point. Love that they review everything with you so there are no surprises and they do not make you feel bad for any issues you may have. I will be going back for more intense work and am am confident and not scared, which means a lot since I don't generally care to go to the dentist.

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