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The Glen Dental in San Jose offers family, implant, and cosmetic dentistry using innovative techniques and technology. Dr. Aman Bhullar, Dr. Donald Pepper, and Dr. Joshua Kriegstein specialize in treatments such as dental implants, veneers, dentures, crowns, and bridges. The Glen Dental has a 4.9-star rating on Google and was named a Diamond Top 1% Invisalign Provider for 2021. It also offers a dental savings program for patients without insurance.


Google Reviews

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  • Joshua Caballero
    Joshua Caballero
    5 months ago

    Every time I go to an appointment, I am treated with the most respect and kindness by every single employee. I feel very welcomed and comfortable with each visit. Everyone takes their time and patience to explain what process or procedure will happen, and always makes sure that the patient’s needs and worries are carefully taken care of. I have never seen a better group of people than the workers at The Glen Dental and glad to be a patient of them for many more years!

  • Abeba Engida
    Abeba Engida
    a month ago

    I was looking for dental implant for almost three months. I went to quite few dental places. All of them have one thing in common. They want to cut my gum deeply because I show a lot of gum when I smile. That was very frightening for me, to sow of all my gum forever. Then I found glen dental at last. They were my last trial. But once I met Dr Bhular and his staff, story changed. As he examined me he told me that I have beautiful smile and he is going to keep my gum. With that assurance, I was sold. I’m still in my first phase. But what I saw so far is promising. That they will do Amazing job. Keep up good work team. And happy holidays.

  • Ray Green
    Ray Green
    5 months ago

    First, I have not had any procedures done at Glen Dental. I had a video conference concerning full mouth dental implants. I’ve had several consultations with doctors regarding implants. My consultation with Dr. Bhullar was the most informative I’ve had. You’d be shocked at the questions some implant specialists can’t answer and Dr. Bullard had all the right answers. He was extremely knowledgeable, informative and made me feel comfortable and confident in his abilities. I highly recommend anyone give Glen Dental a look before having any procedures done.

  • Lauren Curd
    Lauren Curd
    3 weeks ago

    It brings tears to my eyes to say I found a dentist I trust after two years of horrible experiences at various offices in the area. I called The Glen Dental in an emergency and from the very first interaction, every person I spoke to, or even passed in the office, was friendly and empathetic and genuinely seemed to enjoy what they do. Coming from a medical field myself, I know you can tell a lot about an office (and the doctors) by the mood of the people they work with and this place was refreshingly HAPPY. They explained my options clearly and in detail and even had a private office for financial discussions (anyone who has experience with dental work knows how awkward this part can be in public.) After choosing the best option, implants in my case, I was quickly scheduled with Dr. Bhullar. I am now 24 hours post-stage one of the implant process and even though I’m puffy and sore (totally normal, don’t worry) I am glowing with praise for this dentist and his office. They have all of the newest equipment and technology and used something called PRF therapy (where they collect a little blood and use your own plasma to create essentially a blanket of your own concentrated healing factors to put in the surgery site. Freakin cool.) Dr. Bhullar and his office was one of the best dental experiences I’ve ever had and they’ve 100% won over this picky patient. If you have a high standard for your mouth this is the place to go.

  • Lisa and Gary Ponce
    Lisa and Gary Ponce
    3 months ago

    From my first experience till present EVERYONE at the Glen Dental are the BEST! They are friendly, kind, professional and expert in their specialty. I HIGHLY recommend Dr. Bhullar and his staff!

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