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Dr. Annie Knudson and Dr. Jeff Knudson at Brush Dental practice family and cosmetic dentistry, emphasizing better oral health through patient education and prevention. They offer services such as Invisalign, implants, cleanings and exams, sedation dentistry, and emergency dental care. Patients give this Seattle dental practice a 4.9-star average rating on Google. Brush Dental has also been recognized as a top dentist by and Seattle Met magazine.


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  • Paul Gehrig
    Paul Gehrig
    4 months ago

    The best experience I’ve had at the dentist hands down. You can schedule online which is so convenient and see what times they have available without having to go back & forth with a receptionist, seems minimal until you realize there’s a better way. From 1 appointment they were able to diagnose a whole host of other problems I was having because of the way my mouth and jaw is configured, SO knowledgeable and happy to explain and answer questions. Highly recommend :)

  • Cheyenne Davis
    Cheyenne Davis
    6 months ago

    I have dental anxiety and I couldn’t have been more pleased with my experience with Brush dental. I especially appreciated that everybody in the practice took the time to explain and make sure I understood everything that was happening. I really felt like the dentist truly cared about my oral health and not just the paycheck. Would highly recommend this place to anyone!

  • Sarah Dershowitz
    Sarah Dershowitz
    5 months ago

    I have been going to Brush Dental for about 7 years now. Dr. J. Knudson and Dr. A. Knudson are very knowledgeable, thoughtful, and intentional when treating me. I have had very complicated issues come up with my teeth including my front incisors coming out after impact with a softball (not soft at all), which Dr. J. Knudson was able to put back in place enough for me to get orthodontic care from Dr. Bokow. After my orthodontic treatment, I had crown lengthening and whitening done in office. I am extremely happy with the cosmetic results thus far. In addition to my tooth trauma, I was plagued with chronic reflux for years which withered away the enamel on my back molars. I have had great success with the crowns I got placed by Dr. J. Knudson. They and their hygienist are incredibly gentle with my extremely sensitive teeth. While I live in proximity to a few different dentists I don't think I will ever switch! Looking forward to the next steps in my cosmetic work, but that will be another review for another time! So far, extremely happy with my care after 7+ years.

  • Yaacoub Chahine
    Yaacoub Chahine
    7 months ago

    I highly recommend Dr Jeff Knudson and Brush Dental. Dr Jeff is very knowledgeable and kind, he explained to me in details the procedures I needed and took care to alleviate my concerns. I had the chance to also meet Dr Annie who was lovely, we had a great discussion on preventive care and how to best take care of my teeth. Overall stellar quality of care!

  • J
    5 months ago

    I was impressed by the quality of care I received. I was referred here by another dentist and was quite apprehensive about going but they were awesome. Scheduling was a breeze and they even got me in same day.

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