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Dr. Annie Knudson and Dr. Jeff Knudson at Brush Dental practice family and cosmetic dentistry, emphasizing better oral health through patient education and prevention. They offer services such as Invisalign, implants, cleanings and exams, sedation dentistry, and emergency dental care. Patients give this Seattle dental practice a 4.9-star average rating on Google. Brush Dental has also been recognized as a top dentist by and Seattle Met magazine.


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  • McKenzie Brickl
    McKenzie Brickl
    a week ago

    Went to Brush for a cleaning and was told that I had “lots of cavities.” My dentist recommended to tend to the two worst, then wait a few months and return once the calendar turned over and my insurance refreshed. When the first two fillings were complete, they were rough, poorly sanded and not adjusted for my bite. I was told we’d fix at my next appointment. At that appointment, I was told it’d cost extra to “fix” them, and dealt with another filling, with a plan to check in in a few months and figure out next steps for “the other 4 cavities.” I didn’t return after a gut feeling and a crack about how great Amazon insurance is for them. Five years later (!!!) I thought I broke a tooth and went to a new dentist. Turns out a filling from Brush had broken. The only other area at risk was a poorly applied crown from, you guessed it, Brush dental. The “other four cavities” Brush wants to address were not cavities, just a way to weaken my teeth while padding their pockets. Gross. My dentist asked if the compromise crown from Brush was intended to be temporary (it was not), because the quality was so poor. So no, I would not recommend you go there unless you want someone to drill and provide low-quality fillings in teeth that don’t need to be drilled and filled.

  • Vicky Biyo
    Vicky Biyo
    a month ago

    After experiencing intense fear of the dentist, this is the one place I trust not to relapse and find myself back in the chair as a patient. From the front desk to Peter the hygienist and Dr. Knudson, this has been one of the best experiences. They don't push upsells, but genuinely work on a plan to prevent your return. Easily the best dentist in the Seattle area.

  • David Kleespie
    David Kleespie
    2 months ago

    Very friendly staff, great atmosphere, clean space. They treat you like your part of the family. Highly recommend them for all your dental needs. Reasonable prices as well.

  • Kai Yuan
    Kai Yuan
    4 months ago

    I've gone to Brush twice now, and had a good experience both times - techs are friendly and helped me feel comfortable. I also really appreciate that the folks there have always used my preferred name, even though that's not the name on my insurance. I only ever use that name in medical settings, and it's great when it's not used there either.

  • Alyson Martin
    Alyson Martin
    3 months ago

    had my first appt with them yesterday and have been staring at my smile since leaving. I called last week to establish care/ fix a recently chipped bottom tooth and they got me in the next week. they were kind, patient with my gagging (gave tips too), and incredibly informative. Along with fixing the new chip on my bottom tooth, they also fixed a chip in my upper front tooth i’ve had for at least 16 years. When Dr Annie Knudsen handed me the mirror I GIGGLED. I’ve been covering my smile for 16 years. super happy, ho early excited for my next cleaning.

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