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First Hill Dental Center in Seattle has created a welcoming environment where patients can enjoy amenities like stereo headphones and heated massage chairs during dental treatment. This practice offers preventive, cosmetic, and emergency dental treatment, including implants, oral surgery, veneers, dentures, and Invisalign. The experienced team consists of Dr. Sukhdev Singh, Dr. Kevin R. Suzuki, and Dr. Kim Reyes, who have earned First Hill Dental Center a 4.9-star rating on Google.


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  • Moses L. Bernard
    Moses L. Bernard
    a month ago

    Absolutely wonderful experience! I felt very well taken care of by Dr. Singh and his assistant Maria as well as the Hygienist Jamie. My dentist and his team utilized their time very efficiently and provided thorough treatment. Usually dental appointments elevate my anxiety but I felt very relaxed and at ease. Everyone was extremely pleasant and professional. Also the massage chairs during my cleaning were a really nice touch. 10/10 I would highly recommend this Dental practice to anyone seeking exceptional dental care. Thank you Dr. Singh and Team!

  • Stanley Gakure
    Stanley Gakure
    2 months ago

    Title: Exceptional Dental Care Experience at First Hill Dental Center I recently had the pleasure of visiting First Hill Dental Center for my dental needs, and I am compelled to share my overwhelmingly positive experience. From the moment I walked through the door, I was greeted by a warm and friendly staff that set the tone for the exceptional professionalism and care that followed. One of the standout aspects of First Hill Dental Center is their unwavering commitment to professionalism. The entire team, from the receptionists to the dental hygienists and dentists, exuded a high level of expertise and proficiency. The staff was not only knowledgeable but also took the time to thoroughly explain each step of the dental procedures, making me feel informed and at ease throughout my visit. Communication at First Hill Dental Center was nothing short of outstanding. The team went above and beyond to maintain constant and clear communication. They patiently answered all my questions, addressing any concerns I had with a level of transparency that instilled confidence. It was evident that they prioritize patient education, ensuring that I was well-informed about my treatment options and involved in the decision-making process. The genuine care and compassion displayed by the staff at First Hill Dental Center truly set them apart. It was evident that they prioritize the well-being of their patients, taking the time to understand individual needs and tailoring their approach accordingly. The friendly demeanor of the entire team created a welcoming atmosphere, making my dental visit a comfortable and positive experience. Additionally, the state-of-the-art facilities at First Hill Dental Center contributed to an overall sense of confidence in the quality of care provided. The clinic's commitment to utilizing the latest technology and maintaining a clean and organized environment further reinforced my trust in their services. In conclusion, my visit to First Hill Dental Center surpassed my expectations in terms of professionalism, constant communication, and genuine care. I wholeheartedly recommend First Hill Dental Center to anyone seeking top-notch dental care in an environment where patient satisfaction is clearly a top priority.

  • Molly Hetherwick
    Molly Hetherwick
    2 months ago

    This place rocks! They're professional, efficient and friendly. Top notch dental care. I'm a first-time client, and I found this place through a friend's rec. I started experiencing a dental emergency and Rachel at the front desk was able to get me an appointment the same day. She was super kind and friendly on the phone. My dental hygienist Ping was also really great, and she took care to be gentle around my sensitive tooth. I'm looking forward to my next visit!

  • Peggy Janes
    Peggy Janes
    4 weeks ago

    I love coming to the clinic for various reasons, the staff in the front office are very professional and friendly. If I have a questions or concerns they are always there to help. My dentist, hygienist and dental assistance are super. I highly recommend the visit. I was recommended by a coworker at work and not only myself but she recommended more staff to visit the clinic. They love coming to their clinic and their experience with all staff is a plus 10.

  • Apoorv Dayal
    Apoorv Dayal
    a week ago

    The worst possible doctor’s office I’ve had to deal with in the States. I was told about an urgent procedure, scheduled on a treatment plan, upon my visit, Doctor recommended me an updated plan with reduced number of visits combining some procedures on the same side of mouth. They rescheduled me but when my mouth got sore because of the previous procedure, they mentioned a $80 fee because it was within 48 hours. (They booked the appointment on Monday for Wednesday and I requested cancellation early Tuesday morning). Highly confused, unprofessional and uninformed staff at the office.

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