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Our family dental practice has been creating smiles throughout the Seattle area for more than 40 years.
Offering extraordinary dental care with a personal touch, you can rely on us as your Seattle dentist for unsurpassed dental services; cosmetic, preventative or restorative dentistry.


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  • K C
    K C
    3 months ago

    I absolutely love my dentist here, she is amazing. The best dentist I have ever had. They dental hygienists, receptionist all great. They only reason I didn't give this 5 stars is I find the accounting folks unfriendly, bordering lining on rude. This has been pretty consistent for the last year. When you leave the dentist chair you can be foggy and when I ask for clarity they are impatient or seem annoyed. I was once overcharged $100 because of some dental insurance confusion and no one offered to give me it back. I had to ask for it and even then they gave me a hard time. I never write a review but I hope this will change things because I love everything else about this place.

  • Jennifer Sestrich
    Jennifer Sestrich
    3 months ago

    The North Seattle Dental team is the best! I was worried my first positive visit was a fluke since I hate visiting the dentist. I’ve now been a patient for 3 years and completed the Invisalign process - I am so happy I found this office!

  • Eric Wardisko
    Eric Wardisko
    4 months ago

    I scheduled an emergency appointment with Dr. Worstman yesterday (Labor Day) and went in with a ton of pain and left with nothing. I was hoping for a filling or at least a referral (hell a novocaine shot would have been welcome). She had me schedule a consultation in early October to do a filling and discuss my treatment plan. I have never left a dental exam without a treatment plan and I am confused and angry that I am supposed to ride out this pain for another month before I find out what is going on. I don’t think this dentist cares at all about helping people who are in pain. I have spoken on the phone to two other dentists who say it is clear I need a root canal. I feel neglected as a patient. This is the only time I have gone in pain to a dentist and left without an immediate solution.

  • Alex Whitney
    Alex Whitney
    a month ago

    Stopped accepting my partner's insurance and didn't notify her before performing a routine cleaning and x-rays; she didn't realize it wasn't covered until after she received a bill in the mail. If you drop someone's insurance, you should inform them BEFORE performing work that you intend to bill them on. Disgusting.

  • Michael Brock
    Michael Brock
    11 months ago

    Excellent dentist- hands down the best in the Seattle area in my experience. I've been to at least four Seattle dentists (all with 5 star ratings) and North Seattle Dental takes the cake, no question. Extremely thorough, smart, and kind. I felt very listened-to while I was there and I could tell they truly had my best interests in mind. Very nice office and equipment too. I'll absolutely be making North Seattle Dental my permanent dentist. Highly recommended!

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