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Dr. Belinda Song and Dr. Amanda Guerrero at Seattle Dental Co. are passionate about offering patient-focused dental care with clear communication and customized treatment plans. This Seattle practice offers preventative, cosmetic, and restorative dentistry, including same-day crowns, fillings, Invisalign, teeth whitening, and implants. Seattle Dental Co. has a 4.9-star average rating on Google, with patients praising the friendly and professional staff. Patients also say the dentists don’t recommend unnecessary procedures.


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562 reviews
  • Alan Flores Torres
    Alan Flores Torres
    6 months ago

    Best dentist experience I’ve had ever! Wonderful staff and amazing Dr. I am a new patient and the process to my first appointment was a breeze. The staff and Drs at Seattle Dental take the time to debrief you on every step. I felt very comfortable asking questions. I felt as part of the process in decision making for future procedures, compared to previous experiences where dentists just tell you what you need without informing you. Overall a great experience! I look forward to my future visits. Oh… and their office is gorgeous with tons of natural light a located in Queen Anne with accessible free parking.

  • Joshua Pilkin
    Joshua Pilkin
    a week ago

    Haven’t been to a dentist in over a decade, honestly cannot even tell you the year. I see them as far too cookie cutter, impersonal, and nothing more than a perennial opportunity to be told you’re not doing enough and need to do better on, what you think, is sufficient hygiene. My partner finally got me to break down and exercise a little more control over my personal health and scheduled me a visit to an office of her choosing. I can tell you it’s made all the difference. Since my first visit, I feel like I go into an office space where I’m appreciated for being there. Everyone of my hygienists, assistants, and doctors have been so warm and personal. Remembering small details about me and are intimately able to talk and educate me. I’m no expert on what protocol should be for a practice but I’m consistently impressed with the ease, level of technology, and ability to communicate, but yet still feel like a relaxed experience. On only my second visit the office personnel knew my name and made me feel like I was a regular (Shout out to Nicole and Lily). Every detail was recorded and the direction of care was immediately diagnosed, it’s very clear they take dental care very seriously but from a holistic and human perspective. I’m very satisfied to being patronizing this practice for the last few months and I fully expect that they will be my go to and who I refer for my years in Seattle.

  • Emmett Cookson
    Emmett Cookson
    3 months ago

    Dr. Guerrero did an excellent job of explaining to me the details that came up during my visit and allowed space for me to ask questions to help inform my decisions. Facility is great and the techs are excellent! Probably the best dentist I've worked with.

  • John Crane
    John Crane
    3 months ago

    Lucky and grateful for my wonderful dental experience. Thank you Seattle Dental. Finding that special neighborhood tailor, baker or salon is a nice-to-have. But having a first-rate dentist is essential. I feel lucky to have connected with this practice and grateful for their expert care. I don't typically review, but do so in appreciation.

  • Skyler Garrison
    Skyler Garrison
    2 months ago

    As someone with dentist anxiety who had been away for a few years, I now trust only Drs. Guerrero and Song with my dental care. After my first appointment they put together a plan for remedial care where I could go at my own pace, and since then have been helping me stay clean and free from major procedures. All of the technicians I've worked with have also been exemplary.

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