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At Seattle Kids Dentistry, Dr. Kristi Linsenmayer, Dr. Purva Merchant, and Dr. Shamim Sabeti specialize in treating infants, toddlers, children, and teens, including children with special needs. These pediatric dentists offer preventative dental care customized to each age group, as well as tooth-colored fillings, tooth extractions, sedation, and 24-hour emergency availability. Seattle Kids Dentistry has a 4.9-star rating on Google for their team’s ability to create a fun experience for kids combined with high-quality care.


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  • Akanksha Sharma
    Akanksha Sharma
    a month ago

    This was my toddler's first dental checkup. Dr. Julie and Chamari both were excellent. My 2.5 year old was super happy throughout her appointment. They also brushed ans flossed her teeth and she was so quiet and engaged throughout. I would highly recommend this place. My kid was so excited to get some toys at the end.

  • Valerie Levesque PT, DPT

    I was pretty worried that my 2 year old was not going to tolerate his teeth being cleaned and assessed. But, the hygienist Cooper was exceptionally patient and kind and gentle with him. Showed him all the tools by practicing on a rubber ducky (which my son looved) and practicing on the surface of his hand. It went so much better than I expected and I was so impressed with how calm and safe they made my son feel. I am very grateful for their expertise!

  • Marcia Jimmy
    Marcia Jimmy
    a week ago

    I am always a little hesitant about going to a new place but we were made to feel very welcome. The staff is so friendly and have it down to a T when it comes to working with children. My son is pretty shy and does not like new people but he did great with the staff. Would definitely recommend SKD!

  • Laura Heng
    Laura Heng
    3 weeks ago

    I loved everything about our visit to Seattle kids dentistry. Olivia was absolutely lovely when I had called a day or two earlier to see if I should cancel as I thought our 19 month old may be getting sick. Luckily it was only allergies and all was good health wise. Morning of we were running 15 min late and called Olivia to let them know. She was so understanding and gracious about it. Gemma met the dental hygienist Ayana and instantly fell in love with how kind, friendly, and calm she was. After her cleaning and fluoride and some helpful tips from Ayana, Gemma had her visit with Dr. Sabetti who was also absolutely wonderful. Everyone was super knowledgeable, efficient, patient, and professional. Could not have had a better first visit and looking forward to our next follow up. Additional perks: outside of downtown traffic, plenty of free parking, clean offices without overstimulating sounds or visual distractions.

  • Elizabeth Lira
    Elizabeth Lira
    a month ago

    My kids LOVE this place! It's always so nice & clean. It's awesome, they even have flat screens on the ceiling so the kids can watch movies while they have their teeth checked or cleaned. They get a little suprise bag with tooth brush, floss, flouride rinse, stickers & stuff :) Everyone there is so welcoming and super friendly💗 Most importantly, they have great service.

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