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At Seattle Sound Dental, Dr. Nick Tanner specializes in general, cosmetic, and restorative dental care, including sealants, dental implants, inlays and onlays, veneers, and Invisalign. Thanks to an in-house lab, Seattle Sound Dental can complete restorations with less wait time. Dr. Tanner has been practicing in Seattle for 10 years and has earned a 4.9-star average review on Google. Patients praise his gentle approach, non-judgmental demeanor, and thorough explanations.


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  • Richard Harding
    Richard Harding
    3 months ago

    I give Dr. Tanner & his team 5 stars. I've had 2 crowns & 5 fillings done there. When I had my filings done on my front upper teeth, he also repaired the gap in-between my two top front teeth, and smoothed out the little jaggies as well. Nicely done. Am continuing to go back as we are now doing deep cleaning, 1/4 or a "quad" at a time as I prefer shorter visits. They numb me up so I don't feel anything, other than numb for awhile, and that's just fine with me :). Thumbs up from me!

  • Andy Lappier
    Andy Lappier
    7 months ago

    I was referred to Dr. Tanner’s office by a friend. From the moment that I walked it, you are put at ease and welcomed. Front desk staff are friendly and very accommodating with my crazy schedule. One of his hygienist, Olga, has a great bedside manner. I have a little anxiety, but felt nothing and was put at ease. She is very caring, careful, and thorough. Dr. Tanner is very knowledgeable and thoughtful when creating a dental plan for myself. The latest dental equipment. I would highly recommend Dr. Tanner and his staff to anyone that is seeking a great dentist and office.

  • John Anthony
    John Anthony
    4 months ago

    Been here twice and the staff is so friendly. Olga did my cleaning and she was very friendly and made me feel comfortable with her steady hands. Dr. Tanner did my crown, fast and only suggested what is needed so I thank you for this! 😬

  • Patrice
    11 months ago

    Glad to have my dental work done here. The staff is friendly and considerate. Dr Tanner let me know what was going to happen before starting the procedure. The hygienist was efficient using some of the latest tools for the cleaning. I am happy to refer Sound Dental to others.

  • Rohit Kant
    Rohit Kant
    6 months ago

    I’d strongly recommend Dr. Tanner! He has been my dentist for the past 2+ years. Super honest and straightforward - will not suggest a procedure unless necessary. Most importantly, he is always available for his patients. In addition, he is willing to take feedback and walk the extra mile to ensure that his patients are comfortable.

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