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Todd H. Galkin, DDS, offers family and cosmetic dental services that combine quality, comfort, and affordability. Dr. Galkin’s services include endodontic treatment, root canal therapy, dental veneers, dental bleaching, and air abrasion. Dr. Galkin has an admirable 4.9-star average rating on Google from Silver Spring patients, who praised his detailed explanations, concern for their comfort, quality dental work, and efficient office staff.


Google Reviews

124 reviews
  • Kia K. Matthews
    Kia K. Matthews
    a month ago

    My daughter and I have been going to Dr. Galkin for a year and we have had great experiences. The staff is great! We had to change dentist due to the insurance company making changes to in-network doctors. He was highly recommended.

  • Linda Wanner
    Linda Wanner
    3 months ago

    My husband, Ray, and I are thrilled with the care given to us by Dr. Galkin. It is excellent dentistry. We love the staff there too and the office itself which is cosy and comforting. My dental care has never been better. Yesterday's cleaning was first rate.

  • Areatha Henry
    Areatha Henry
    4 months ago

    I always get nervous going to the dentist. Dr. Galkin was great and gentle. His office is very clean and the staff is professional with great customer which is a plus for me.

  • Allegra Tasaki
    Allegra Tasaki
    5 months ago

    We’ve been with Dr. Galkin (& Robin, a super administrator) for almost 17 years. When our son was 2, he’d had a less than optimal experience at a pediatric practice. The calming and fun (fish tanks!) atmosphere encouraged a change in his attitude towards maintaining his dental health. Now in college, he’s still a happy patient.

  • Gabriel Oran
    Gabriel Oran
    4 months ago

    Dr. Galkin and his office make me look forward to going to the dentist. I went to Dr. Galkin as a child. When coming back as an adult, I realized how inferior every other dentist was. No matter where I live now, I will always go back to Dr Galkin. (Robin also is incredible!)

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