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Stephen J. Friedman, DDS, PA, has received an impressive 4.9-star average rating on Google from Silver Spring patients. Dr. Friedman provides cosmetic, restorative, implant, orthodontic, and preventative dental care, including teeth whitening, tooth-colored fillings, veneers, clear aligners, and dental bonding. He earned his degree from the University of Maryland School of Dentistry and served his country by enlisting in the United States Public Health Service before opening his own practice.


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  • Sharon Rodgers
    Sharon Rodgers
    6 months ago

    Dr Friedman has been my dentist for at least 12 years. He is excellent. I used to fear going to the dentist, but doctor Friedman is very personable, gentle and painless. But most important you will be pleased with his work. It is important to him to get the job done correctly the first time. If you are looking for a thorough and excellent dentist I highly recommend Dr. Friedman.

  • Boris Buabi
    Boris Buabi
    5 months ago

    From the front desk to the Dentists chair, I was impressed. Joe-smith who worked at the front desk was very thorough, professional and informative. Clean environment and Dr Friedman did a good job with my teeth.

  • Richard Nakamura
    Richard Nakamura
    a month ago

    Dr. Friedman has been our dentist for over two decades and has been excellent! He has taken care of four generations.

  • Juli Gittelman
    Juli Gittelman
    7 months ago

    Dentist pushes unnecessary/cosmetic procedures to make additional money. When I mentioned that I really wasn't interested in non necessary procedures, I got a 45 minute lecture about how I should trust his judgement. He also declined to explain any of the dentistry terms he used or answer any of my questions. Last time I was there, the dentist walked out in the middle of my night guard adjustment saying he needed to "quickly check on another patient" and would be back in 2 minutes. (The adjustment was only supposed to take 10 minutes.) He left me hanging upside down in the chair for over an hour before I decided to leave, and he wasn't anywhere close to coming back to assist me. I think we're all used to waiting a bit, but waiting over an hour after the dentist was ALREADY HELPING YOU for what was supposed to be a 10 minute appointment is a sign, at best, of chronic office mismanagement. Perhaps if they spent less time trying to convince patients into unnecessary procedures, they'd have more time to actually give patients the care they need. My experience has been that this dentist and office is inconsiderate with patient's time, money, and health care needs.

  • rodney rubin
    rodney rubin
    10 months ago

    From the front desk to the Dentists chair, I was pleasantly impressed by all. Dr Friedman was very thorough and informative and I'll certainly be continuing my Dental health under his expertise. Grateful for choosing this Dental practice

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