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At DC Pearls Dental Boutique, Dr. Kourosh Ardekani provides top-quality dental health care with a focus on cosmetic procedures. This Washington, DC practice specializes in treatments such as teeth whitening, porcelain crowns, Invisalign, veneers, and dental implants. Dr. Ardekani believes in a highly customized treatment plan for each individual and enhances patients’ treatment options with technology such as soft tissue lasers and intraoral cameras. DC Pearls has earned a 4.8 rating on Google from satisfied patients.


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359 reviews
  • Sitaara Ali
    Sitaara Ali
    a year ago

    I went to Dr. Kourosh Ardekani years ago and have since moved away from DC. I'm writing a review because it has been years since I've seen him and I've been to three dentists since then but never a better one. He was attentitve, transparent about cost/price, and trustworthy. Great dentist.

  • Sam Mengistu
    Sam Mengistu
    5 months ago

    Dr. S. Is a great clinician. Not only was she knowledgeable, her bedside manner is impeccable. I felt comfortable and at ease with her. She is very skilled and I am very happy with the work she has done. I had some crowns and fillings done by her and I am beyond happy with her work. I was anxious about the procedures and she walked me through everything from start to finish. I definitely would recommend her to anyone and have even brought my whole family and friends to be her patients. She is great! The rest of the staff is great too, over all I am very satisfied with this dental office and plan on being a lifelong patient here.

  • Patty M
    Patty M
    2 weeks ago

    I have never written a review before, but my experience at DC Dental Pearls Boutique was so bad that I feel compelled to write my first. I have seen both dentists here, and they were both indescribably insulting and disappointing. On my first visit, Dr. K told me that I had 3 cavities and would be needing 3 fillings. This thoroughly shocked me, as I had never had a cavity in my life. Nonetheless, I agreed to make a follow-on appointment for the fillings. They required me to put down a $75 deposit for the treatment, which should’ve been a red flag. When I got the fillings, they were incredibly painful. For weeks afterward, I was unable to chew on that side of my mouth. When I told the dentists that I was in pain, they insinuated that I was being dramatic. I had another appointment to adjust the filling, as the pain was nearly unbearable. I waited for over 45 minutes past my appointment time, and the doctor never saw me. They stuck their head into my room, and told me that I was fine. I was then told to leave. I hadn’t even opened my mouth for them to take a look and was immediately dismissed. I have never had such a terrible experience at a doctors office. Avoid at all costs.

  • A FreeSoul
    A FreeSoul
    5 months ago

    What an experience. I had thought I had been taking care of my teeth throughout the pandemic but luckily enough I decided to come in and see Dr. S 😬 It didn’t take long for her to sit me down and start the examination, as she went over my x-rays she made sure I understood what she was seeing and any questions I had she answered thoroughly. Once we got to the actual cleaning she made sure I was comfortable and stopped anytime I needed to to take a break. Afterwards she continued to check in on me and see how I was feeling, giving me aftercare tips and tricks because of how sensitive my gums were. Her skills are out of this world and I can’t wait to go back again next month to see her! Dr. S for spectacular!

  • Becca Ward
    Becca Ward
    2 weeks ago

    I should have listened to my gut when I saw on the intake form that they asked who could cosign dental expenses. They told me I had a cavity, which I had never had previously. Fine, not the biggest deal. However, they also said I had gum recession and needed pinhole surgery on multiple areas across my mouth. This was estimated to be thousands of dollars and they pushed for me to schedule that right away. I went to another dentist and they reported no cavities and didn't recommend ANYTHING other than keeping an eye on one tooth/gum, especially not an invasive surgery. DC pearls also would send multiple messages on specials for dental procedures like Invisalign. I left my experience here feeling like they only wanted to make money. Maybe if you are looking for specific cosmetic dentistry, this is okay, but for a general dentist that's driven by patient care, this ain't it.

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