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Siranli Dental in Washington, DC has an emphasis on cosmetic procedures such as implants, prosthodontics, one-visit CEREC crowns, teeth whitening, and clear aligners, but also offers general and emergency dental care. Dr. Samantha Siranli, Dr. Stephanie Elam Simmonett, Dr. Michael Blicher, Dr. Barbara Baxter, and Dr. Olga Spivak prioritize establishing a trusting relationship to help patients overcome any anxiety about dental care. The practice and its dentists have won numerous awards and have a 4.9 rating on Google.


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219 reviews
  • Dan C
    Dan C
    a year ago

    Super quick appointment for a cracked tooth from an old root canal that was never finished (thanks a lot, pandemic). However, the office is physically closed on Sundays. BUT the dentist will still answer your phone calls and give you the next available spot and some advice on what to do beforehand. Not many offices will do that on a Sunday unless you go to one of those shady 24/7 clinics. So...on to the actual experience... DR. MILLER SAVED MY TOOTH. He was super cool and the dental assistant (forgot his name) was just as cool. I was terrified that I was going to have to lose the tooth. Not only did they save it, but they built it up, put a temporary crown on it, worked for about 2 1/2 hours, and did it all without the need for anesthetics. Yeah it hurt a but when he pushed on the gums, but I can handle that with a little breathing work. This place is GORGEOUS! Probably the nicest looking medical office I've ever seen. What dentist office have you been to that has a grand piano in the hall? And Netflix for patients to watch while work is being done? Sunglasses to prevent water from spraying in your eyes? Amazing. The decor, the atmosphere, the staff, it presents such an amazing look that I've never seen at any of my other doctors. I'm super happy I found them. Well worth the 5* reviews they've gotten.

  • Megan Swilley
    Megan Swilley
    11 months ago

    Dr. Siranli is extremely caring. She takes so much time with every detail to make sure everything is absolutely perfect! She and her team have done the absolute best job. I am so pleased with my smile. Everyone in the office is so friendly and makes you feel at home. I highly recommend Dr. Siranli for any dental care you are considering. She has gone above and beyond what I could have ever expected. Thank you!

  • Bahar Yurukoglu
    Bahar Yurukoglu
    7 months ago

    I have moved around a lot in my adult life and with that have had to find a dentist every time. Some have done serious damage to my teeth. Then I moved to DC and found Dr Siranli ( based on the recommendation of a friend) and I can honestly say I will never move again because I will never find a better dentist. Dr Siranli and her whole team of associates are hands down- the best. Not only are the offices super clean and sleek but you're also in good hands. For my first implant I was pregnant and it was during the pandemic and Dr Siranli was so caring and I felt so safe. She is very thorough, extremely talented at what she does and she is quick ( if that tooth is coming out you wont even know it). I go to her office for a regular cleaning with one of the talented Hygienists (shout out to Mariam!) and my husband has had extensive work done by Dr Siranli as well, same for my father, and my toddler is learning good dental hygiene as her youngest patient so he doesn't have to (hopefully) deal with implants but if he does I'll make sure he has the best doctor in town- Dr Siranli! Thank you Siranli Dental for keeping this family smiling!

  • Mel
    2 weeks ago

    The truth is, I have visited numerous dental offices, searching for a new smile, only to become discouraged and disappointed with the subpar work and thousands of dollars mismanaged. So, I thought going to Siranli dental would yet again be a huge mistake. I was totally inaccurate. First, her team looks like the clientele/public that they service so one automatically becomes relaxed and connected. Great dentist juxtaposed a great team! You are welcomed with warm smiles and greetings upon entrance by the front office staff, who will ensure that your appointment is complete from inception. The office provides complementary beverages and comfortable seating while waiting to be serviced. The environment is clean and does not emit the dental office smell. The hygienists, other dentists and all assistants provided excellent care and attention and they availed themselves whenever needed. It truly is a one stop shop; having all equipment on hand for X-rays, including the tools needed to prepare dental appliances and prosthetics. The Gem throughout my course of treatment is none other than Dr Samantha Siranli. She spoke to me in detail about what procedures were needed and during every process, she informed me about what she was doing. The massage chairs helped to ease my anxiety. It is certainly not a "one size fit all"---my treatment plan was specifically for me. Dr Siranli is the only dentist I know that looks at the dental aesthetics together with the facial aesthetics. When she told me she could change my face in a very pleasant way, in all honesty, I did not even believe her. I saw that she was doing my teeth well, but the face!? It is pretty magical! I was taken aback when she removed my jowls and gave me a more youthful appearance. I am in my temporaries now and I feel and look great today! What is even more important is the evidence-I am smiling and ready to date! Dr Siranli is precise and she wants to make sure ALL is perfect! If you are looking for gifted hands, and patience, schedule your consult with Dr Siranli and get your smile back!

  • Dara Jackson-Garrett
    Dara Jackson-Garrett
    3 months ago

    If you want a high quality dental Implant, then look no further! Dr. Sirnali did the surgery and full process for a tooth implant in my smile line. She and her team did a fantastic job. You can’t even tell I have an implant, it looks just like my other teeth. She is clearly an expert in her field and knows exactly what she is doing. She is also kind and personable. Best dental experience I have ever had. Highly recommend.

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