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At Smile Beautiful Dental in Washington, DC, Dr. Daniel Jones and Dr. JJ especially welcome patients who are afraid of visiting the dentist by offering gentle, personalized dental care. The practice offers general and cosmetic dentistry, including Six Month Smiles, Invisalign, teeth whitening, implants, and veneers. Smile Beautiful Dental has a 4.8 rating on Google. The practice is proud to have Spanish- and Portuguese-speaking staff to serve a diverse group of patients.


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  • Tina Minor
    Tina Minor
    6 months ago

    I am so thankful for Dr. Dan and his awesome smile beautiful team. I needed to replace my front tooth crown that I had for thirty years. They came up with a great plan to make the two front teeth match. I have a brand new upgraded smile and I am so happy, I can’t stop smiling. I am not a fan of going to the dentist and get very nervous and the whole team was very caring and patient with me! Also big shout out to Pedro who did great work and sat with me during the whiting process! I love my results and highly recommend Smile Beautiful. Thank you

  • Mark Mitchell
    Mark Mitchell
    3 months ago

    This is a great dental office. Every one is really friendly, pleasant and above all respectful which is really important to me. This is the first time I have been to the dentist and on the initial visit they really did a lot to see what is wrong with my teeth and presented a good preliminary plan. This is the first time that I had my teeth clean and they really felt cleaner than they did before the cleaning. Usually when I get my teeth cleaned I always say to myself this is a waste, I don't feel any major difference but not this time. My whole mouth felt really clean! I been going to different dentists for many years. I'm no stranger to all kinds of procedures from cleaning to root canals and everything in between. So when I give high praise to a dental office such as Smile Beautiful Dental I believe you should give them a visit. This was my initial visit and I haven't had any work besides the cleaning yet but I was so impressed with the cleaning and the overall experience with the x-rays and such that I'm coming back next week to get fillings and if that experience is anything like this one which I believe it will be, then I have found my Dentist!

  • Natasha Powell
    Natasha Powell
    3 months ago

    Had my first appointment today…I’m usually a little anxious when I go to the dentist and Dr. Daniel Jones took the time to listen to my concerns and provide reassurance. The atmosphere in the dental office is calming and the staff is friendly and professional. Wonderful experience at Smile Beautiful Dental 😊.

  • Gabrielle Brown
    Gabrielle Brown
    3 months ago

    I visited Smile Beautiful Dental this past Friday and I’m questioning why have I not visited this location sooner! Everyone was nice and friendly. My teeth were cleaned exceptionally and the hygienist and dentist addressed my concerns. They are in my neighborhood and easy to get to. If you live in the southwest area, I highly recommend them!

  • Carlesha Herndon
    Carlesha Herndon
    4 months ago

    Such a great dental office! My first visit was welcoming from start to finish. I felt valued as a person and enjoyed the care taken by every staff member I encountered. Georgina, the assistant, did amazing xrays/photos of my teeth/smile. Emiliana, the hygienist, was very gentle, kind, knowledgeable. Dr. Justin Jones was friendly, knowledgeable, and sincere in the discussion of my dental health. Overall, my visit was awesome!

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