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Walton Family Dentistry

Walton Family Dentistry


Product Description

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Our business is caring for people.

Personalized Care
Daily we hear patients tell us that they have had unpleasant previous experiences. The common issues seems to be a breakdown in communication between the doctor and the patient. At Walton Family Dentistry, we focus on relationship-centered care. We truly want to get to know you – your fears, concerns, priorities, goals for your oral health, shoe size, etc… you get the point. You are the focus. We welcome you to be yourself and be honest with us with the comfort of knowing that there is no judgement.

Our Best 100% Of The Time

We want your experience to be the best. We want your oral health to be the best it can be. Every aspect of Walton Family Dentistry is geared toward making those two things happen. We follow the good ol’ Golden Rule. We treat others as we would want to be treated. As a result, we offer the ease of online booking, flexible office hours, a warm and welcoming environment. We accept most insurances, electronic paperwork, digital x-rays, high quality materials and dental equipment… and we are always looking for ways to improve.

Honesty, Integrity & Conservative Treatment

You can ask 10 different dentists the same question, you will probably get 10 different answers. It’s not that any of them are wrong, it’s just that we all approach dentistry a little different. I know it is frustrating, but it’s the truth. Unlike our logo, dentistry is not black and white. Some dentists are conservative, others aggressive, some proactive, others reactive. At Walton Family Dentistry, we can promise that you will always receive honest treatment recommendations with your best interest at heart. You have choices, and it is our job to provide those for you and help you make be best decision for your unique situation. We will focus on education and prevention to help you get your mouth in optimal shape. Our goal is a long lasting relationship so our success is dependent on your well-being.


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